Friday, September 30, 2005

Sensual girl-in-the-firm

You have to wonder about the one grey hair. As though that one follicle just gave up, threw in the towel, decades (hopefully!) before the others.
"Fuck this. Who gives a shit about pigment. I'm supposed to produce a hair, that's what I'm doing. No embellishments, no 'little something extra'. I'll leave that to those annoying gunners in the sideburns."

I think I'm Lillyfirm's one grey hair.


At 2:18 PM, Blogger Nox said...

Dear Noisette,
thank you very much for your comment. I'm very impressed you were able to find my blog by chance, since I did some research with google, using entire lines of my blog as queries and didn't get anything leading to my blog.
Actually, France's base of grading is 20. So I got 15/20, which is quite good (I was only expecting 10 or 11, 12 at best).
"nappe quantique" is not slang, it's a term from quantum physics. Though I'm not an expert at physics, this "nappe quantique" thing is our way of saying that "Life is everything but what is to be expected". If you read something about EPR paradox (you can find easy and humorous explanations on the net), you'll understand what I'm talking about.


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