Thursday, September 29, 2005

From the "Laughing Diabolically" Department...

First, and most obviously, Tom Delay. A delightfully unsavory person who deserves what he gets. I hope he goes down and takes all his evil cohorts (namely, Karl Rove) with him.

Next, we visit "The Meth-Driven Life." Remember when that woman supposedly saved herself and kept her captor/potential rapist from harming her by reading him selections of that maudlin, stupid book "The Purpose-Driven Life"? Remember when the Christian Right delighted in that story, and sales of that idiot book rose astronomically in consequence? Weeellll.... turns out he didn't leave her alone because he'd found god- rather, he didn't hurt her because he probably couldn't- because he was ON HER ICE.
Apparently the experience was shocking enough to cure her of her habit, which is nice.
And I quote:
"I was not going to die tonight and stand before God, having done a bunch of ice up my nose."
Poetry. POETRY!!!

And finally, "Ten Minutes From Effective" ...
Remember when Bush picked his crony, his simpering confidant, Karen Hughes, to be some sort of undersecretary in charge of improving America's image in the middle east? Remember when we laughed at that? Well, she's doing about as well as expected. She met with Turkish women earlier this week who basically told her to take her condescension and war-peddling ideology and preach it elsewhere. She then journeyed to Saudi Arabia, where the women explained to her that they were happy in their lives and that not being able to drive was not the life-sapping prohibition she assumed it was.
Now, I'm not here to argue cultural relativism- we'll save that for another post, perhaps. What I'm interested in giggling about here is Bush's catastrophic choices, from Mike Brown as head of FEMA to Karen Hughes, that relentlessly pro-US blind-Christian-Patriot, as the person in charge of burnishing our image in a region that hates all that she stands for.
Again, well done, Bush Administration.


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You just put a Friday smile on my face with this post.
Have a good weekend!


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