Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Un Lundi Soir de Reve

Amadou & Mariam concert last night. A blind Afro-Rock couple from Mali, I've been following them for a long time- and seeing them live last night made me absurdly happy. Several vodka-tonics later, I thought I'd set free the last shred of my dignity and attempt the Senegalese M'Bala dance, which involves shaking one's ass as hard as possible while keeping the rest of the body still. As I tackled this ancient art, I noticed a man to my left smirking at me with what I hope was amusement and pity (and not anger or something worse). I realized that I wasn't evoking images of West Africa so much as that of a silly drunk white girl grinding her ass into her husband's pelvis. As the man turned away, my husband whispered into my ear... "the man looking at you? That's DJ Danger Mouse." Oops.

In the balcony an awkwardly dressed white girl went to town with moves she'd no doubt learned from African dance class at the Encino Community Center. Next to her, in a batik dress and impeccably coiffed dredlocks...! Lisa Bonet!
Good times.


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