Thursday, February 16, 2006


From the NY Times:

"Arguing that many of the interrogation and detention practices constituted abuses amounting to torture, the [U.N. Human Rights Commission] report stated, 'The United States government should close the Guantánamo Bay detention facilities without further delay.' ...

The report says that the use of excessive force during transportation, force-feeding through nasal tubes during hunger strikes and shackling, chaining and hooding of prisoners, placing them in solitary confinement, subjecting them naked to severe temperatures and threatening them with dogs amounted to torture.

It also expresses 'utmost concern' at 'attempts by the United States administration to redefine 'torture' in the framework of the struggle against terrorism in order to allow certain interrogation techniques that would not be permitted under the internationally accepted definition of torture.'"

It will take the work of a generation to undo the damage this Administration has done in 5 years.


At 11:54 AM, Blogger wunelle said...

I've never before been ashamed to be an American, ashamed at my country. How DARE this batch of criminals act on the behalf of the citizens of this country in this fashion.

I wish your last sentence weren't true. But I fear it may even be an understatement.


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