Thursday, February 02, 2006

I feel like doing another one of these things.

This one is from

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Line Worker at Christopher Layne Foods, a gourmet-vinegar-making factory
2. Tea Server at A Tire d'Ailes Poetry Bookshop and Tea Salon (now defunct) on the Ile St. Louis, Paris.
3. Research Assistant for a CRAZY-ASS law prof on women's legal protections and rights in different African countries
4. Assistant d'Anglais, Ecole Primaire Jean Moulin, Couzeix, France.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. La Veuve de St. Pierre
2. Triplettes de Belleville
3. Life is Beautiful
4. A Room with a View

Four places I have lived:
1. Chagrin Falls, Ohio
2. Brooklyn, NY
3. Nantes, France
4. Dakar, Senegal

Four TV shows I love
1. The Daily Show
2. Lost
3. Family Guy
4. I am beginning to love Boondocks

Four places I’ve vacationed
1. Amsterdam
2. Bangkok
3. Mali
4. Belize (not happy about this last)

Four of my favorite dishes
1. Pho
2. Spaghetti marinara
3. Pad Thai
4. Other noodly yumminess

Four sites I visit daily
1. Wonkette
2. Andrew Sullivan
3. Dooce
4. NY Times

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Eating bread with hazlenut spread at Le Pain Quotedien on Melrose near Robertson
2. Paris
3. Hanoi
4. Bed

Five people I am tagging:
Oh, I don't want to do that. I tag everyone.

Well, that was uninteresting.


At 1:36 PM, Blogger Buffy said...

The Daily Show and Family Guy are the best shows ever.


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