Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Don't let the door hit you...

Good-bye, Mr. Recess Ambassador! I will miss that moustache (why is it so white and the rest of his hair so brown? If you dye the hair, dye the 'stache, dude!).

In your wake, Mr. Recess, whom should we back for U.N. Ambassador? We'll never get a Dem in, so I cast my vote for Lincoln Chafee. I love the irony, since he's the one who kept Bolton's nom from reaching the floor. And he is a Repub, if a very mild one. And I kind of feel sorry for him. Lincoln Chafee, U.N. Ambassador!


At 7:47 AM, Blogger nikinpos said...

why DO so many American men have mustaches? Do they all wanna be Freddie Mercury?


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