Thursday, July 13, 2006


We're running off to Japan in September for one more wacky overseas trip before the birth of the miracle child (his/her due date is roughly Christmas, and I figure- what irony if my atheist, secular womb produces a messiah- and goodness knows I LOVE me some irony). Unfort, we only have about 9 days to spend there (the mindf**k that is Lillyfirm will not allow me to take any more vacation time guilt-free, and somehow I'm already worried about taking a paltry 9 days off- durn you, Lillyfirm!). We're thinking of spending a few days in Tokyo/environs and another 4-5 days in Kyoto/environs. I don't think our timeframe and my pregnant self will allow us any more running around. Still, I'd be open to suggestions- if anyone in my vast fanbase has been to/loves/has one of those weird, Western, usually male obsessions with/ Japan, please regale me with stories of your favorite places, experiences, strange moments, etc.

I figure I won't get much of a response, but it's worth a try, right?


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