Friday, February 18, 2005

Under the Bridge

I am in a terrible, rancid mood this morning. My husband and I went to a philanthropic bar outing last night, peopled by young associates of various firms. We had nothing to say to them. A fellow law school a cappella alumna twittered up to me, "Oh, how are you" and "Oh, I'm so busy all the time, big tobacco trials, blah" and "Oh, we HAVE to have lunch." Up came another classmate, a little troll whom I barely knew in law school but who actually works in some other department at Superfirm. Civilities were exchanged. She glowered at me and my husband for a minute. Then:
"Wait... are you married?" Troll quipped. "Yes," I answered. "Wait... when did you get married?" "In September." "Ummm.... that was fast."
"I'm sorry?"
"Well, when did you get engaged? I didn't even know you were engaged." (keep in mind that I had almost no clue who this girl was in school. I even introduced myself on our first day at Superfirm, to which she giggled "I know who you are.")
"Two summers ago."
"Wait... but you dated SOOO many guys first year! There was Mike, and Ben, and Ravi, and... I mean, that wasn't that long ago! I can't believe you got married so fast!"
Of course, my husband was standing right next to me and gave me a LOOK.
How in fuck did this girl, whose existence was utterly unknown to me through most of law school, have any idea who I was dating?
Law school was like junior high school. Everyone knew everyone's business. I know this, I remember this, thus should not be surprised at this girl's in-depth knowledge of my dating history. Still, that knowledge, and her out-of-the-blue criticism of my "fast marriage," totally chapped my ass.
I am turning into an unpleasant, cynical, bitter person. I need to stop this. I need to be happy and lighthearted. Life is good. I am employed, I am housed, I am married. These are all good things. I need to just shut up and deal, n'est-ce pas?


At 10:38 AM, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

Obviously that woman has some issues herself.
The fact that you dated "sooo many men" in first year (and who doesn't do that first year?) and then got married 2 years ago, doesn't seem to be a big deal.
My guess is that she's really sheltered.

And YOU'RE not turning into an unpleasant person, DEALING WITH PEOPLE LIKE THAT is what is making you unpleasant.


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