Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Quick moment between document distributions

The paper chase is an incredibly apt name for what we do. Copies of documents, signature pages, versions of contracts- we burn trees over here. And keep Terre Haute smelly. I just got back from my therapist, and my happy mood is not due to her careful dismantling of my psyche but to the skim mocha I am indulging in at the moment. Yaaay! Happy caffeine high! I love helping the rich get richer!
In other news, I have not heard back from my asylum client. I think he is mad at me, or maybe skipped town. What to do?
In yet other news, cabinet appointees are being confirmed without so much as a by your leave. When Dick Durbin quipped to Gonzalez, "I love you, but you're being elusive," I thought about stabbing myself in that squishy place between my thumb and forefinger. "I love you???" Dick! I love you, Dick Durbin, your guy next door affability, your straight-Nathan-Lane chubby good looks. But why such an obsequious remark? We all know you're going to confirm the man who called the Geneva Conventions "quaint," but must you do it so ignominiously? Sigh.


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