Thursday, January 06, 2005


I got here late this morning so this will be brief. I indulged my deep-seated, overwhelming urge for a starbucks skim latte with Splenda(it's made from sugar so it tastes like sugar! Hurrah!)- so I waited 10 minutes in line in the basement of my building with everyone under 30 who works in this tower of power. Thank god, thank god thank god for coffee. My combining diet is working, I think-rapture- I put on my pants this morning and they weren't tight (mind you, these are my fat pants)- but I must, must cheat with coffee. I don't know what crack Suzanne Somers is smoking if she thinks neurotic, desk bound saps like me would give up coffee for anything. Isn't it supposed to be our consolation? We can't have sweets, can't have alcohol (although frankly I'm not sticking to that one either)- but most diets encourage coffee. Still, I think I am losing girth, if not weight. Soon, soon I will progress from this desultory 135 pounds to my sparkling ideal, 123, a weight I sported not 4 months ago at my wedding. I know, I know it's insanity to stress so much about it, but alas, that is me. I am that.


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