Monday, July 25, 2005

That's where we learned our law.

This made me cry. Granted, I was working on three hours' sleep and rather stressed (it was yesterday, or the day before- they all blend together) but this is my class' gift. There's a beautiful classroom at NU Law, the windows of which are filled with stained glass designs created by the classes of many years ago. Recently, they've revived the tradition. I think ours is especially poignant, and I'm proud of it even if my only contribution was monetary, and not much money at that.

We were only two weeks into our first semester when the trade center fell, and I had just moved to Chicago from Brooklyn, where my front stoop had a lovely view of those very towers. I remember wandering around school in a daze that day, wondering what to do, and overheard a conversation between two venerable profs- they were talking about where they were at the moment of the Kennedy assassination, the moon landing. I realized that we'd all just lived one of those moments.

Anyway, I thought I'd share it with you, the odd person who may stop by. I think it's nice.

20 hours to go before THE EXAM. When it's over I'll (hopefully) stop being such an annoying fuck.


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