Thursday, April 14, 2005


...No word from my nemesis. Oh well- the fighting urge has passed. Probably has to do with the three glasses of wine I just imbibed. Arrgh, maties, I be a wee bit alcoholic, I be. Ah well.

So I went out to Sunny Southern Cali a few weeks ago and found my ass a job. Lillyfirm is very much the LA equivalent of Superfirm, so shouldn't take much adjusting. Same mega-clients, same type-A hyper-lawyers, same glistening offices. But where Superfirm is austere, conservative and drab, Lillyfirm is shiny and happy. Lillyfirm loves its lawyers. It cares. Until about year 6 where one's partnership potential is assessed. Then the circle of love becomes much, much smaller. Luckily there's no way I'll last that long.

My husband found us a bungalow in the hills, a little bit of a house nestled (it looks like from his cell phone pictures) in banana trees and bougainvillea. Charming, a little run down. Kind of like me lately.

I am leaving my asylum case in the over-eager hands of a first year litigation associate and his anal mentor. I feel comfortable with this. Still, we had a surprisingly emotional good-bye today. He brought in three handwritten letters from his brother, father and friend that added much meat and pretty much make the case unsinkable.

Will I miss Chi-town? Eh. There's a section of LA, sort of a little Cambodia, where most residents only speak Khmer. I can't fuckin' wait.


At 8:24 AM, Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

Sounds exciting!
Glad things are going well with setting up the move.

At 9:59 AM, Blogger n.o.s. said...

Yea! I live in Chicago, too; but I'm from So Cal originally and can't wait to get back there. Chicago's nice, but I miss my sunshine! Best of luck to you!!!


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